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Board Game – Rising Sun


Hello there!

Today we want to show you a Rising Sun. This board game is designed by Eric M. Lang and published by Cool Minis or Not.

In this game 3-5 players lead their individual clans to victory by accumulating victory points over the course of four seasons. Each clan is quite unique, providing different abilities, starting honor rank, seasonal income and home province. Through the game players will build alliances and betray their allies, worship mythical Kami (gods from Japanese mythology) and customize their own clans. As befits for ancient Japan, your honor is greatly important. The higher your honor is, the more options you have. For example, the player with highest honor always wins ties. In this game players will be encouraged to use their diplomatic, negotiation and even bribery skills to reach their goals. Remember that no deals in this game are truly binding and you can get a knife in your back at any moment. 

In the photos you can see painted miniatures from the core game as well as from some expansions. 

We hope you like it and have a nice weekend!

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