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AoS – Some Words about Kragnos Gameplay

Kragnos: The Fearsome God of War in Age of Sigmar

Kragnos is a powerful melee combatant in Age of Sigmar, known for his high damage output and durability. As a god-level character, he is a centerpiece model in any army he is a part of, and his presence can turn the tide of battle.

Kragnos has a high wound count, making him difficult to take down. Additionally, he has a 4+ save and a 5+ invulnerable save, making him very resilient against attacks. He also has a unique ability called Rampage, which allows him to regain lost wounds and deal extra damage when he slays enemy models.

In combat, Kragnos is a force to be reckoned with. He has a high number of attacks with his axe, which has a high damage output and the ability to rend through armor. He also has a special ability called Devastating Blow, which allows him to inflict extra damage and knock back enemy models when he rolls a 6 to wound.

Kragnos is a powerful addition to any Chaos army, and his presence on the battlefield can inspire nearby units to fight harder. However, his unpredictability and tendency to act on his own whims can make him difficult to control. Players who choose to field Kragnos must be prepared for the possibility of him charging off in pursuit of a personal vendetta, rather than following their commands.

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