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40k – Sisters of Battle Kill Team

Hello wargames Enthusiasts! For quite a while Games Workshop seemed like has forgotten about one of the coolest Imperial armies: Sisters of Battle. Luckly, in 2019, everything has changed, with a new army starter! Today we would like to present you a Kill Team squad, we had a chance to paint lately 🙂

Sisters of Battle, also know as Adepta Sororitas is a monastery army, co-operating very closely with Witchhunters – Ordo Hereticus. They form great female orders, entirely devoded to the Emperor and his will. Daughters of the Emperor are raised from the very young age at Schola Progenium where they are tought disciplne and almost fanatic commitment to  Master of Mankind.

I must admit it was worth waiting all those years for new Adepta Sororitas models to come! The poses are really dynamic, extremly detailed and very eye-pleasing. There is a lot can be achived working on them, hope you’ll enjoy what we did!

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