40k – Sister of Battle Army, Part III – Infantry

Howdy Wargamers! Today we are finishing our little Sisters of Battle Army series. Hope you are enjoying it as much as we do! I believe, this part may catch the most of attention, as it is always very impressive to … Continued

40k – Sister of Battle Army, Part II – Heroes

Hello Wargamers! Hope you are enjoying our Sister of Battle Army series! In this part, we would like to uncover hero models, our Studio had pleasure working with! Below, you will find most of major Adepta Sororitas heros, including: The … Continued

40k – Sisters of Battle Army, Part I – Vehicles

Hello Wargamers! Sisters of Battle wage holy war, across the many planets of the Imperium of Man. When the masses of the Imperium speak about the Sisters of Battle, they most often picture the famed Orders Militant. They pursue the … Continued

40k – Sisters of Battle Army – Sneak Peek

“These heretics refute the Emperor’s holy right to rule. Let them argue with the barrel of a gun” Hello Wargamers! This entry, is a sneak peek of probably the hugest Sisters of Battle Army we ever had pleasure to work … Continued

40k – Sisters of Battle Army Starter

“Heretics crave the cleansing fire of absolution. They need not fear, for we shall deliver it to them” Hello Wargamers! Are you excited to check out one of the coolest sets of 2019? Sisters of Battle Army Starter painted by … Continued

40k – Sisters of Battle Kill Team

Hello wargames Enthusiasts! For quite a while Games Workshop seemed like has forgotten about one of the coolest Imperial armies: Sisters of Battle. Luckly, in 2019, everything has changed, with a new army starter! Today we would like to present … Continued

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