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40k – Leagues of Votann Reinforcements

The Kin of Votann: Powerful Abhuman Clones and their Advanced Stellar Empires

The Leagues of Votann, known as the “Kin,” are a collective group of squat but robust Abhuman clones. They possess advanced technology and navigate the vastness of space, establishing themselves on resource-rich worlds located in the galactic core. Within their society, the Kin coexist with self-aware robotic companions known as Ironkin, treating them as equals in every aspect.

The Kin have often been mistakenly identified by both humans and other alien species as different Abhuman or extraterrestrial races. For example, they have been inaccurately referred to as the “Demiurg” by the T’au and humans, the “Heliosi Ancients” by the Aeldari, and by various other names such as the “Gnostari,” “Grome,” or “Kreg” by different peoples.

The classification of the Kin by the Imperium fluctuates between recognizing them as a sanctioned Abhuman sub-species of humanity or as an entirely distinct alien species. However, the Kin’s ancient surviving records reveal a historical connection between their ancestors who settled in the galactic core and the pre-Imperial mining fleets sent from Old Earth at sublight speed over generations. This historical link solidifies their designation as Abhuman. Nevertheless, the Kin pay little attention to the opinions of others regarding their identity.

Each of the Leagues of Votann is divided into subgroups called “Kindreds,” which bear resemblance to clans or nation-states. These Kindreds are ultimately led by a self-aware machine intelligence known as a Votann or “Ancestor Core.” The Kin hold the Votann in high regard, even approaching a form of reverence. Upon their demise, the cerebral data of each Kin and Ironkin is uploaded into their respective Kindred’s Votann, a semi-mystical practice referred to as “returning to the Ancestors.”

Few species in the galaxy possess the unwavering fortitude, bravery, and determination exhibited by the Kin who comprise the Leagues of Votann. Moreover, their approach to war is characterized by a ruthless calculation of risk and reward. To encounter them on the battlefield is akin to facing an unstoppable armored force that obliterates everything in its path. They appraise their adversaries swiftly and dispose of them without hesitation, viewing them merely as hindrances or despised enemies whose eradication is deemed worthy at any cost.

To those fortunate enough to fight alongside or engage in trade with them, the Kin prove to be invaluable allies. However, those deemed a threat to the survival of their people are swiftly eliminated with the same tenacity and dedication the Kin apply to tasks such as harvesting black hole accretion discs or manufacturing their remarkable technologies.

The Leagues of Votann represent expansive and formidable stellar empires, bound together by a shared history, genetic kinship, and a distinctive culture. As the galactic core and beyond experience waves of disruption caused by the emergence of the Great Rift, the Leagues find themselves increasingly engaged in violent clashes with other spacefaring races like never before.

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