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40k – Kill Team Mix

Sort of the latest Kill Team Commissions

Originally members of the Astra Militarum, these ruthless assassins have risen against the Imperium, lured by the promises of power granted by the Chaos Gods. The most lethal veterans among the Traitor Guard are referred to as the Blooded. They twist their training and gear into horrifying tools, battling against former allies. Frequently conscripted into the forces of the Chaos Space Marines, the Blooded eagerly seek to achieve sinister renown on distant killing fields or battle zones tainted by the warp.

The Imperial Navy Breachers stand as the exceptional combat forces within the Imperium’s diverse naval units, spanning from orbital stations to formidable battleships. These aggressively direct instruments have received extensive training in close-quarters combat techniques. Outfitted adeptly and possessing experience in perilous boarding maneuvers, these squads are armored in fully enclosed void suits. They come equipped with magnetic boots and rebreathers for operations in zero gravity environments, and are granted access to specialized tools engineered for breaching enemy bulkheads.

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