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40k – USA Themed Imperial Knights

Unveiling the Power of Imperial Knights

The Imperial Knights, known as Questor Imperialis in High Gothic, stand as formidable robotic walkers serving the Imperium and, at times, the Adeptus Mechanicus. Let’s delve deeper into these colossal war machines and the noble warriors who pilot them.

Knight Errant

Noble Pilots of Ancient Lineage

Each Knight, ranging from small to medium in size, is commanded by a solitary Human warrior hailing from a feudal aristocratic culture spanning the galaxy. Despite their size, Knights operate in squadrons, exhibiting devastating capabilities and near-impenetrable Ion Shields.

Knight Paladin

Colossal Guardians of Battlefields

Protected by adamantium armor and armed with potent heavy weaponry, Imperial Knights dominate battlefields, capable of altering the course of conflicts. Their presence instills fear among Mankind’s adversaries, second only to the Titans of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Knight Preceptor

A Bond Between Warrior and Machine

Imperial Knights aren’t merely machines but relics from a forgotten era, requiring a Noble’s ancestral lineage for bonding during the Ritual of Becoming. This union fuses the Noble’s mind with the Knight’s Machine Spirit, enabling seamless control from the Throne Mechanicum.

Knight Warden

Guardians of Far-Flung Worlds

Dating back millennia before the Imperium’s rise, Knights protected settlers on distant planets. Descendants of these pioneers, referred to as Nobles or Scions, safeguard their worlds, sworn to defend Imperial citizens.

Knight Valiant

Diverse Knight Armours and Roles

Imperial Knights boast various armours like the Paladin, Errant, Crusader, Castellan, and Lancer, each excelling in specific combat roles. From balanced melee and ranged capabilities to heavy fire support, these armours cater to diverse battlefield needs.

Knight Castellan

Supreme Design of Imperial Knights: Paladin

Among these armours, the Paladin shine with its unparalleled balance of speed, armor, and firepower. Their agility and devastating weaponry make them exemplary models of Knightly prowess.

All of the Knights presented here are painted in one-of-a-kind USA pattern. If you also want a personalized one-of-a-kind army, feel free to contact us!

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