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Board Game – Shadow of Brimstone Adventures

Shadow of Brimstone Adventures - The Thrilling Journey

Shadow of Brimstone Adventures is a series of expansions for the popular board game that can also be used as stand-alone games. Built on the expansive engine of the original version, Adventures takes us to different times and places. It offers us not only new heroes to play but also new foes to face and entire new locations to discover. Today we will focus on two boxes from the recent Kickstarter campaign – Gates of Valhalla and Valley of the Serpent Kings.

Few Words about Shadow of Brimstone

Shadows of Brimstone™ is a fully cooperative dungeon crawl adventure game that plunges players into a world besieged by unspeakable horrors. Initially launched via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 by Flying Frog Productions, the original game boxes were rooted in the Old West setting. Designed for 1-4 players (expandable to 5-6 with additional Heroes), the game typically spans 2-3 hours per session.

Notably, it features a campaign system allowing Hero characters to progress between games, acquiring new items, skills, and abilities. Players can restock and replenish supplies in settlements before embarking on subsequent missions. Throughout gameplay, discover portals from which frightening adversaries emerge, enabling players to explore otherworldly dimensions and alien landscapes. The game’s map tiles offer a dual-sided experience, showcasing both Earth-based environments and enigmatic alien worlds, providing diverse challenges and exploration opportunities.

Shadow of Brimstone Adventures - Gates of Valhalla

In Gates of Valhalla players are tossed into the (un)friendly environment of the Norse Lands. Omnipresent ice and snow isn’t the only trouble. The lands are filled with dangerous creatures, driven by the power of the Dark Stone. As a team of brave Vikings – Jarl, Raider, Berserker and Huscarl – you will face powerful adversaries such as Trolls, Centurions, hordes of Gremians and even a towering Frost Giant.

Shadow of Brimstone Adventures - Valley of the Serpent Kings

In Valley of the Serpent Kings players dive into a Spanish Fort that falls into darkness and is now overrunned by demons. A group of brave Conquistadors – El Capitan, Soldier, Duelist and Explorer – will face not only a reptilian Serpentmen Archers and Temple Guards, but also their long-lost friends that came back to live for brainless revenge on the living. Conquistadors need to be patient, deep into the Halls of the fort there is one more, premature creature. Croxin Beast, scaly mass of muscles unleashed by the Serpentmen as a beast of war can annihilate you and your friends within seconds!

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