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40k – Death Guard Reinforcements #2

The Heralds of Decay: The Death Guard Traitor Legion

The Death Guard Traitor Legion, once proud as the XIV Legion of Space Marines, met their downfall during the tumultuous Horus Heresy. Led by the stoic Primarch Mortarion, the Death Guard initially gained renown for their disciplined resolve and expertise in siege warfare. However, their loyalty to the Emperor was eroded by Mortarion’s bitterness and resentment towards perceived tyranny, making them susceptible to the allure of Chaos.

Embracing the promises of the Chaos God Nurgle, the Death Guard descended into corruption and decay. Their fall culminated in the infamous assault on Terra, where they unleashed the forbidden Life-eater virus. But the virus mutated, enveloping the Legion in a nightmarish plague that transformed them into grotesque, walking corpses. Mortarion himself ascended to daemonhood, becoming a fearsome Daemon Primarch.

Retreating to the Eye of Terror, the Death Guard further mutated and festered. Their bodies became bloated and disease-ridden, yet their resilience and endurance remained unmatched. They became living embodiments of death and pestilence, spreading their contagion wherever they tread.

Aligned with the Chaos forces, the Death Guard formed alliances with the Thousand Sons, forging a formidable combination of disease and sorcery. Plague Marines, heavily armored warriors tainted by Nurgle’s blessings, march relentlessly across war-torn battlefields. Immune to pain and disease, they wield toxic weaponry such as plague spewers and blight launchers, unleashing clouds of corrosive gases and spreading their plagues upon their enemies.

Accompanying the Plague Marines are hulking Daemon Engines, monstrous war machines corrupted by Chaos. Plagueburst Crawlers and Blight Haulers bristle with diseased weaponry, spewing streams of corrosive bile and launching plague-infested shells that erode both flesh and steel.

Within their fortresses, known as Plague Towers, the Death Guard conduct unholy rituals and experiments with forbidden diseases. These strongholds rise like festering monoliths, teeming with Nurglings, mischievous daemons who spread pestilence and mischief. It is in these corrupted halls that Mortarion, the Daemon Primarch, imparts his dark teachings to his followers, guiding them towards the acceptance of decay and the ultimate liberation from suffering.

Despite their overwhelming presence, pockets of resistance persist. The defenders of humanity, including the Adeptus Astartes, the Inquisition, and countless brave souls, stand firm against the Death Guard’s advance. Heroes from the Imperium wage a tireless struggle, their faith unyielding as they face the horrors unleashed by the Traitor Legion.

Yet, with each battle fought, the Death Guard’s resolve strengthens. They view their relentless advance as a grand crusade, a march towards an apotheosis of decay. In their eyes, mortality is but a fleeting illusion, and all life shall ultimately succumb to the grip of Nurgle. With each victory, they believe they bring the galaxy one step closer to the ultimate liberation from suffering.

Thus, the Death Guard Traitor Legion, with their putrid ranks and unholy powers, remains an unyielding force of destruction and corruption. Their path is one of despair and decay, marked by the stench of death and the tolling of rusted bells. In their relentless pursuit, they seek to replace hope with the eternal embrace of decay, spreading suffering and corruption throughout the galaxy.

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