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Legion – Mix of Miniatures

Mix of Latest Project for Star Wars: Legion

The heroes of the Rebel Alliance are courageous individuals who rise up against the oppressive rule of the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars universe. These heroes come from diverse backgrounds, united by their shared desire for freedom and justice. Some are former Imperial officers or soldiers disillusioned by the Empire’s tyranny, while others are ordinary citizens who join the cause. Without revealing their names, these heroes demonstrate exceptional bravery and resourcefulness in their struggle against the Empire. They engage in acts of sabotage, espionage, and open combat, constantly putting their lives on the line to undermine Imperial control. Their actions inspire hope and rally others to join the Rebel cause, becoming symbols of resistance and the fight for a better future in a galaxy plagued by darkness.

Clan Kryze, also known as Deathwatch, is a faction of Mandalorians in the Star Wars universe. They are a splinter group within Mandalorian society, known for their radical and militant approach. Led by the legendary Pre Vizsla and later taken over by Darth Maul, Clan Kryze rejects the pacifist ideology of the ruling Mandalorian government and seeks to restore the warrior ways of their people. Clad in distinctive black armor adorned with red markings, Deathwatch Mandalorians are fierce fighters and skilled tacticians. They engage in covert operations, guerrilla warfare, and subversive activities to further their cause, challenging the traditional Mandalorian code of honor. Clan Kryze plays a significant role in Mandalorian history, leaving a lasting impact on the fate of their people and their relationship with the wider galaxy.

Imperial Royal Guards, also known as the Emperor’s Royal Guard or the Red Guard, are a prestigious and elite group of individuals tasked with protecting the Emperor in the Star Wars universe. Clad in crimson robes and distinctive helmets, these highly trained guards are chosen for their loyalty, combat skills, and unwavering dedication. They are known for their stoic demeanor and unwavering commitment to their duty, often seen standing vigilantly by the Emperor’s side, ready to defend him at any cost. The Royal Guards are formidable fighters, skilled in martial arts and proficient in a variety of weapons. Their presence instills fear and commands respect, serving as a symbol of the Emperor’s power and authority.

Rebel Pathfinders are a specialized group of heroes within the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars universe. These highly skilled operatives are tasked with conducting reconnaissance, infiltration, and pathfinding missions to gather vital intelligence and pave the way for larger Rebel operations. Operating behind enemy lines, Rebel Pathfinders display exceptional expertise in stealth, survival, and navigating hostile environments. Their ability to gather crucial information and identify strategic weaknesses of the Empire is invaluable to the Rebel cause. Through their daring exploits, the Rebel Pathfinders serve as a crucial link between intelligence gathering and the Rebel Alliance’s larger military efforts, often operating in small, elite teams to disrupt Imperial operations and provide key support to Rebel forces.

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