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40k – Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team

Hello Wargamers!

Much of Mankind’s mastery over technology has been forgotten. Remains are closely guarded secrets, held in jealous hand of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Wrapped up in superstitious believes and writes, the knowledge how to operate the Imperium most advanced devices falls to these followers of the Machine God. They guard and oversee the ancient knowledge and the mysteries. Adeptus Mechanicus embrace the technology to such a degree, that they tried to transcend the flesh of their bodies with a purity of metal.

Even though Adeptus Mechanicus is more associated with 40k, it’s also perfectly useable in GW’s boxed game – Kill Team. Our squad was built using Skitarii Rangers. Miniatures painted to copy original, boxart color scheme. I think we’ve done pretty good job with those guys. Colorful wires and plasma guns create very nice contrast between them and red robes. As always, stay tuned!

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