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40k – World Eaters

The World Eaters: From Noble Warriors to Bloodthirsty Berserkers

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, the World Eaters stand as a chilling example of the corrupting influence of Chaos. Once known as the War Hounds and among the Emperor’s finest warriors, they fell into the clutches of the Blood God Khorne, becoming relentless engines of slaughter.

The War Hounds' Origin

Originally, the World Eaters were the XIIth Legion of Space Marines, known as the War Hounds. They were one of the Emperor’s trusted legions and played a vital role in the Great Crusade. However, their fate took a dark turn when they joined Horus in his rebellion against the Emperor.

Angron's Brutal Past

The key figure in this transformation was their Primarch, Angron. Raised on the brutal world of Nuceria as a slave-warrior, he endured horrifying cybernetic implants called the Butcher’s Nails, which amplified his aggression and strength. Angron led a rebellion that ended in the death of his oppressors and his eventual reunion with the Emperor.

A Legion Driven by Bloodlust

As the Emperor’s plan for the legions unfolded, Angron’s obsession with combat and bloodshed remained. He introduced cranial implants for his Legion, but these implants proved difficult to control. The World Eaters became unstoppable shock troops, but their unquenchable bloodlust led to catastrophic events like the Ghenna massacre.

The Horus Heresy and Beyond

When the Horus Heresy ignited, the World Eaters were at the forefront, their berserk rage unleashed. They played a pivotal role in the attack on the Imperial Palace. Angron and his warriors had become mere extensions of Khorne’s will.

In the aftermath of the Heresy, the World Eaters descended further into madness. They fragmented into countless warbands, roaming the galaxy in search of endless battle. Angron himself ascended to become a Daemon Prince, forever bound to his deity.

In conclusion, the World Eaters’ tragic fall from noble warriors to bloodthirsty berserkers is a stark reminder of the seductive power of Chaos. They serve Khorne, the Blood God, with unwavering devotion, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The legacy of the War Hounds is now one of madness and unrelenting violence, forever bound to the will of the Blood God, Khorne.

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