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Warmaster – 10mm Dark Elves

Heya Friends!

Today we want to show you one of the most Nimble armies for Warmaster – a 10mm scale game set in the universe of Warhammer Fantasy!

Dark Elves are known for their cruelty and malice, and are typically depicted as a dark mirror of the more noble and graceful Elven forces. In battle, Dark Elves rely on their superior speed and mobility, as well as their powerful and disciplined infantry units. Their army is characterized by their deadly crossbowmen, who can rain death upon their enemies from a safe distance, as well as their potent cavalry units, which can quickly close with the enemy and deliver a devastating charge. Despite their strength, Dark Elves are often viewed as a more specialized army that is best suited for certain tactics and strategies, and may struggle against more balanced and versatile armies. Overall, Dark Elves are a formidable force that can be difficult to defeat if used correctly, but are also demanding to play and require careful planning and tactics.

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