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Legions Imperialis – Dark Angels

The Unrelenting Dark Angels: Masters of War During the Horus Heresy

Unyielding, technologically advanced, ruthless, and insular, the Dark Angels of the 1st Legion were a formidable force during the Horus Heresy. And now, they are available as a playable army in another game from the Games Workshop – Legions Imperialis!

A Legacy of Loyalty (and Distance)

As the first Space Marine Legion created by the Emperor, the Dark Angels boasted a long and storied history. They were veterans of countless battles during the Unification Wars, and their unwavering loyalty to the Emperor was never in question. However, during the Rangdan Xenocides, the Legion suffered heavy losses, a setback from which they never fully recovered. This, coupled with their deployment on distant campaigns, often kept them far from the center of Imperial affairs.

Caught Unaware by Treachery

When Warmaster Horus turned traitor, the Dark Angels found themselves stationed on the fringes of the Imperium, engaged in a campaign against the Shield Worlds of the Gordian League. News of Horus’ treachery reached them slowly, hindering their ability to respond swiftly. However, Lion El’Jonson, ever the strategist, devised a plan to disrupt Horus’ war effort.

The Battle of Diamat: A Strategic Strike

Understanding the importance of denying Horus access to vital resources, Lion El’Jonson led a strike force to the Forge World of Diamat. Their objective: secure powerful siege engines known as Ordinatii before they could fall into Horus’ hands. The mission was a success, a thorn in the side of the Warmaster’s plans. This kind of strategic raid is perfectly suited for a game of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis, a tabletop wargame that allows players to recreate these massive conflicts using epic-scale miniatures. In Legions Imperialis, you can field a Dark Angels army alongside other loyalist forces, like the Solar Auxilia, and wage war on a grand scale.

Thramas Crusade: A Bitter Rivalry

Following the Battle of Diamat, the Dark Angels became embroiled in the Thramas Crusade. Their primary foe: the traitorous Night Lords Legion, led by the enigmatic and brutal Konrad Curze. This bloody conflict was fueled by a personal vendetta between Lion El’Jonson and Curze, adding another layer of complexity to the war.

Hunting the Night Haunter: A Vendetta Unresolved

The Thramas Crusade saw brutal battles and a tense meeting between the two primarchs. While the Dark Angels inflicted heavy losses on the Night Lords, they were unable to deliver a decisive blow. The rivalry between Lion El’Jonson and Curze would continue to simmer throughout the Heresy.

Imperium Secundus: A Flawed Alliance

As the Ruinstorm raged, severing communication with Terra, the Dark Angels found themselves stranded in the Ultramar region. Here, they joined forces with Roboute Guilliman and Sanguinius to establish Imperium Secundus, a temporary government to continue the fight against the traitors. However, tensions arose between the primarchs, particularly regarding the handling of the Night Haunter, who had infiltrated Macragge.

The Lion's Exile: A Controversial Decision

Lion El’Jonson’s obsessive pursuit of Curze and his disagreements with Guilliman ultimately led to his exile from Imperium Secundus. This marked a turning point for the Dark Angels, leaving them without the guidance of their primarch during a critical phase of the war.

The Second Battle of Davin: A Revelation

Despite the exile, the Dark Angels continued the fight. They participated in the momentous Second Battle of Davin, a pivotal clash on a world tainted by Chaos. Here, they learned a crucial truth: the Emperor still lived, trapped beyond the Ruinstorm. This revelation reignited their determination.

The Crusade of Vengeance: A Path of Fury

With renewed purpose, the Dark Angels embarked on a vengeful crusade, striking at traitor homeworlds and disrupting enemy forces. While this strategy aimed to draw attention away from Terra, it also reflected Lion El’Jonson’s growing rage and despair.


The Great Scouring: Cleansing the Galaxy

Following the Horus Heresy, the Dark Angels played a significant role in the Great Scouring, purging the galaxy of remaining traitor forces. However, their victory was marred by a dark secret: the betrayal on Caliban.

The Fall of Caliban: A Hidden Shame

Returning to their homeworld after years of war, the Dark Angels were met with hostility. Luther, a former comrade turned traitor , had corrupted a portion of the Legion with the lure of Chaos. In a desperate bid to contain the corruption, Lion El’Jonson ordered the destruction of Caliban, a tragic act that would forever stain the Dark Angels’ legacy. This event, known as the Fall of Caliban, is a pivotal moment in the Dark Angels’ history, and it’s a popular choice for Legions Imperialis players who want to explore the Legion’s darker side. With specialized units like the Fallen and Interrogator-Chaplains, players can recreate the brutal civil war that raged on Caliban.

The Dark Angels: A Legacy of Power and Regret

The Dark Angels’ story during the Horus Heresy is one of unwavering loyalty, strategic brilliance, and ultimately, devastating loss. Their experiences during this era continue to shape them in the 41st millennium, making them a fascinating Chapter for Warhammer 40k players and hobbyists alike. If you’re interested in learning more about the Dark Angels, Warhammer: The Horus Heresy series offers a wealth of lore and exciting battles to explore. And for those who want to experience the thrill of commanding the Dark Angels on the tabletop, Legions Imperialis provides the perfect platform to wage war in their name.

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