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DnD – TOP 10 Races That You Should Try!

TOP 10 Weirdest Playable Races for Dungeons & Dragons 5ed That You Should Try Yourself!

For now, the fifth edition of the classic Dungeons and Dragons RPG offers many books and sources for your campaigns. Across their pages there are over 50 playable races. But which of them are the most awkward? Which of them should you try at least? In this post we will show you our TOP 10 weirdest playable races for DnD 5e that you should try yourself. Fasten your seatbelt and go with us into a magical world of The Forgotten Realms and its habitants!

Note: Miniatures presented in this post are a gallery of our recent projects for the DnD setup. Monsters presented here are 3D printed and are mostly not related with any of the described races. However, miniatures are a phenomenal and immersive tool to use as a Dungeon Master!

10. Elemental Heirs: The Genasi Race

Descended from powerful elementals, Genasi are humanoids with varied appearances and abilities based on fire, water, earth, or air. Fire Genasi might be fiery and impulsive, while Earth Genasi are stoic and grounded. Each subrace has elemental resistances and innate magic: Fire Genasi conjure flames, Water Genasi breathe underwater. 

Genasi offer a unique roleplaying experience with diverse strengths and spells, perfect for players who crave something different.

9. Masters of Many Faces: The Changeling Race

Changelings, the enigmatic shapeshifters of Eberron, live a life hidden behind countless masks. Their true form, pale and unremarkable, is rarely seen. Instead, they wield their shapeshifting ability, “Shapechanger,” to transform into anyone they desire – a commoner lost in the crowd, an enigmatic persona, or anything in between. 

This unparalleled adaptability makes them masters of deception and roleplaying. Changeling adventurers often gravitate towards careers that leverage their chameleon-like nature. They become exceptional spies, slipping past scrutiny with ease. Their natural charisma makes them charismatic rogues or captivating performers who can morph their very being to enthrall audiences. 

So, if you crave a character who thrives in the shadows, weaves elaborate tales, and can adapt to any situation, then the changeling race might be the perfect fit for your next D&D adventure.

8. The Wise and Mighty: The Loxodon Race

Loxodons, the elephant-people of Ravnica, embody unwavering strength and wisdom. Thick skin grants them natural armor, while their dexterous trunks handle delicate tasks or lift incredible burdens. 

But loxodons are more than brawn. They value peace, tradition, and community. Their calm demeanor and insights make them revered as protectors, diplomats, and sages. Adventuring loxodons excel as guardians, using their strength and reach to keep allies safe. 

Craving a wise, strong, and loyal companion? Consider a loxodon for your next D&D adventure.

7. From Battlefield to Beyond: The Warforged "Race"

Eberron’s scars birthed the warforged – hulking figures of metal and wood, forged not of flesh, but of war’s desperation. Once weapons, sentience flickered within their mechanical hearts, leaving them to grapple with their purpose in a world both wary and awed.

Unlike mortals, warforged boast resilience – shrugging off harm and defying hunger and sleep. This extends to their form, customizable to reflect their journey. Will you be a hardened warrior, your body etched with battles past? Or a scholar, your form adorned with intricate gears reflecting your thirst for knowledge?

The warforged are more than machines – they’re a chance to forge your own destiny. Will you be a protector in a world that fears you? A cunning strategist? The choice is yours, for the warforged are the future, waiting to be written.

6. Gentle Giants: The Firbolg Race

Towering yet soft-spoken, Firbolgs are giant-kin with deep nature bonds. Strong and unseen in forests, they fiercely protect their homes and those in need, especially the wild.

Firbolgs boast immense strength and vanish into nature. They speak with beasts, turn invisible briefly, and possess magic for disguise and detection. Their impressive carrying capacity makes them ideal adventurers.

For a character of immense strength, a gentle spirit, and a connection to the wild, choose Firbolg in your next D&D adventure.

5. Ssslippery Secrets: The Yuan-Ti Purebloods

Yuan-ti purebloods, once human, now slither in society’s shadows. Forbidden rituals twisted them, granting serpent-like cunning and magic.

These masters of deception blend in with forked tongues and unsettling eyes. They hiss poison spells and bend minds with magic. Their venom-resistant scales and magic warding make them ideal infiltrators.

But their legacy inspires fear. Can you use this to your advantage, becoming a villainous mastermind or a morally grey adventurer? The choice is yours. Choose yuan-ti for your next D&D adventure.

4. The Call of the Wild: The Centaur Race

Centaurs, half-man, half-horse from the mystical Feywild, embody strength and nature’s connection. They excel as explorers with unmatched speed and trackers with an innate wilderness understanding. 

Centaurs fight fiercely on horseback, their hooves as deadly as weapons. Their form hinders climbing, but for those who embrace it, these are minor challenges. Loyal to their kin and protectors of the wild, centaurs offer a unique path for your next D&D adventure.

Choose centaurs to be a swift explorer, strong warrior, and champion of nature.

3. Claws Unsheathed: The Tabaxi Race

Imagine a cat-person with endless curiosity – that’s the Tabaxi. Ranging from housecats to tigers, they hail from across the D&D world.

Natural agility makes them amazing climbers (30ft speed!) and scouts (Perception & Stealth proficiency). They excel as rogues and rangers with their feline cunning.

But the real kicker? Feline Agility lets them zoom 60ft in a single round, perfect for flanking enemies or surprise attacks. This recharges after a rest, making them unmatched in agility.

Their curiosity can be a blessing (adventure!) or a curse (trouble!). Craving a stealthy, agile character with a touch of feline chaos? Tabaxi is purrfect for your next D&D adventure!

2. Don't Underestimate the Runt: The Goblin Race

Goblins! Those green-skinned pranksters that are a blast to play (despite what they might steal).

Small and sneaky, goblins excel at darting through defenses with Nimble Escape. Imagine vanishing in mid-fight like a rogue! But they’re not all tricks. Fury of the Small lets them unleash surprising rage against bigger foes, perfect for toppling giants!

Goblins offer a chaotic, unpredictable playstyle. Driven by mischief and curiosity, they’ll lead you on hilarious adventures. Don’t underestimate their courage, though!

So, if you want a small but mighty character, a master of hit-and-run tactics, and a source of constant entertainment, go goblin for your next D&D adventure. Just watch your valuables!

1. Home Is Where the Shell Is: The Tortle Race

Imagine a wise soul in a walking tank – the Tortle. These brainy turtles carry their home on their backs, both practical and resilient. While mysterious (first appearing in their own book!), Tortles are D&D favorites.

Natural survivors, their shells grant a base AC of 17, tough even without armor. Need more defense? They can retreat inside, gaining a +4 AC bonus, becoming a mobile fortress – perfect for magic-wielders!

But Tortles aren’t just shells. Their sharp claws rival weapons, and they hold their breath for an hour, ideal for underwater adventures or tricky escapes.

Playing a Tortle is unique. Their connection to nature makes them wise companions. Their slow and methodical ways can be funny or frustrating, depending on the situation.

Crave a walking fortress, a master of defense, and a patient observer? The Tortle might be perfect for your next D&D adventure. Step inside your shell, unleash your wisdom, and embark on an epic journey!

Which of those races did you like the most? Which one will you try yourself?

Remember, that if you want a commission for your miniatures, you can always contact us.

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