Minis For War Painting Studio

Warhammer – Be’Lakor / Mortarion / Synessa – big daemons strikes back!

Hello Wargamers!

Time to reveal three epic daemons our Artists painted for you!

First one – mighty Be’Lakor – this model is a refreshed old sculpture of one of the greatest daemons in Warhammer universe. We decided to keep him in blue tones with strong red/orange od clothes and wings. Such a great miniature to paint!

Mortarion – Primarch of Death Guard Legion is still one of the best miniatures in whole 40k range. Detailed, well-sculpted, with tons of interesting details. That’s a great core of collection for all DG lovers.

Synessa – the newest release for Slaanesh army. It looks similar to Keeper of Secrets but it’s a bit smaller. I love the style of her wings! 😀

If you want to order your own main model for army, painted by great Artists – send me a message: