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40k – White Scars

The White Scars - Masters of the Lightning Strike

The White Scars: Savage Sons of Chogoris

The White Scars are a legendary Space Marine Chapter within the vast universe of Warhammer 40,000. Feared for their unrelenting savagery and unmatched speed, these warriors embody the spirit of their homeworld, the feral world of Chogoris, also known as Mundus Planus.

Masters of Mobility: Lightning Strikes and Hit-and-Run Warfare

They are renowned for their mastery of mobile warfare. Their tactics revolve around swift assaults and devastating hit-and-run attacks, leaving their enemies reeling in the dust. Preference for speed is most evident in their extensive use of Astartes Assault Bikes as their primary mode of transportation.

Bearing the Scars of Honor: A Legacy of Ferocious Nobility

Space Marines of this chapter are adorned with ritual scars, a testament to their bravery and unwavering adherence to the warrior code. These fierce warriors channel the savagery of their nomadic ancestors while upholding a strict sense of honor instilled by their Primarch, Jaghatai Khan.

Jaghatai Khan: Uniting the Steppes and Joining the Great Crusade

Jaghatai Khan, the mighty Primarch of the White Scars, was a legendary figure who united the warring tribes of Chogoris under his banner. His leadership and martial prowess paved the way for the integration of Chogorian warriors into the ranks of the Vth Space Marine Legion, forever shaping the character of the Chapter.

Scars of War: The White Scars in the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy

The White Scars played a crucial role in the Great Crusade, bringing countless worlds under the Emperor’s dominion. However, their loyalty was tested during the Horus Heresy. Faced with a difficult choice between aiding their brother Chapter, the Space Wolves, and answering the desperate call from Terra, they ultimately chose to defend the Imperium.

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