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Marvel Crisis Protocol - Team Building

In this post we wanna talk about Marvel Crisis Protocol team building. For all of you who want to start their journey with Marvel Crisis Protocol – this post will help you understand how you build your team and choose characters to play! If you want to read more posts of this kind you can check our post about terrain rules!

Choose your “champions”

There, in Marvel Crisis Protocol team building is a huge freedom. Basically you just need to choose ten of your favorite characters, but there are a few twists that we will describe later. Good advice is to select characters that have synergies between each other. To fulfill this you should check affiliations of your miniatures (I recommend Jarvis Protocol). 

Some characters have powerful Leadership abilities, but they’re only active if your current squad affiliation matches one on the card itself! 

Another step during MCP team building is choosing your Team Tactics and Crisis cards. First are powerful cards that you can play to catch your opponent off-guard and change the course of the game, while the second ones determine your mission during the game! 

You should pick 10 Team Tactics cards and 6 Crisis Cards (3 Secure and 3 Extraction).

Crimson Dynamo & Ulik
Red Skull & Beta Ray Bill

All is determined at the start of the game

At the start of the game players draw one card from one of their Crisis Cards deck. Secure cards specify important elements on the battlefield, such as bombs or gamma shelters, that players must claim. 

Extraction cards typically place something on the battlefield that characters must retrieve and carry for the duration of the mission. These could be items like Cosmic Cube fragments, civilians, and so on. 

Then the second player (you roll for priority before drawing those cards) selects the maximum threat value from one of the cards (either Extraction or Secure). This is where the fun begins! 

Each player forms up a battle squad from their 10 prepared miniatures. To do that players select which characters they want to use and sum up their threat levels (it should be equal to or less than the Maximum Threat Value).

Arnim Zola & Toad
Mystique & Spider-Gwen

Building diversity

As you can see, there is a huge amount of freedom when building your list. In addition nearly all of your games will be different from the others. Variety of Crisis Cards (with 15-20 maximum threat value), unique miniatures playstyles, a lot of affiliations supported by powerful leadership abilities and a big choice of Team Tactics cards (366 and new ones still being released) build up a game that captured the heart of Marvel Fans. 

No matter if your dream was to be an Avenger or you want to join the forces of evil and rule the city on your own, you should definitely try Marvel Crisis Protocol!

Luke Cage, Bullseye & Pyro
The Immortal Hulk

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Rhino & The Juggernaut

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