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Get to know our Painters – Interview with Julia

Hello there!

This is the beginning of the series of articles in which you will have opportunity to get to know our team.

Today we want to introduce you to Julia. She was awarded during Kontrast Festival 2023 with a silver medal in Standard XXL category. Without further ado we’re going straight into the interview! 😀

Do you remember your first figurine that you painted? What are your memories associated with it?

My first figurine was a Cacodemon from the Doom Board Game. Unfortunately, I remember it vividly and the struggle I had applying countless layers of the same color. At that time, I didn’t know that paints specifically designed for miniature painting behave differently than regular acrylic paints for canvas. So, I used what I already had at home and tried to paint with those acrylics. Although the results, as I can now admit, weren’t very impressive, I was proud of myself back then, especially because I saw it as a new and exciting hobby with high hopes.

Which of the painted figurines (that stood out to you) brought you the most joy during the painting/creative process and why?

The question of which figurine stands out the most during my not-so-long journey in miniature painting is difficult and problematic because it’s hard to choose just one. The easiest answer would be the most colorful ones. 

The first army that truly left an impression on me and shaped the direction I’m going in was the purple and bright green Tyranids (40k). Painting them was an incredible pleasure, although it seemed like their endless hordes would never end and would constantly overwhelm me with their numbers, as they tend to do.

Additionally, I had a great experience working with an army of orcs, which taught me a lot about colors through their vibrant color schemes.

The list is completed by a rainbow Chaos army with graffiti accents. This army allowed me to unleash my creativity, although unfortunately, only within the time limits I could allocate to it.

All of these figurines share beautiful, vibrant, and saturated colors, which enable me to learn, solve new problems, and ultimately bring joy to my tired eyes.

What are your favorite painting techniques, and how do they influence your artwork?

I think the best thing about painting is that you don’t have to choose one technique and stick to it permanently. Although I love using an airbrush and also enjoy making models look a bit dirty using techniques like dry brushing and stippling, I have developed a greater affection for specific paints/colors than specific methods of using them. I’m referring to Speed Paints from Army Painter, which, when combined with an airbrush, captivate with their depth and beautiful saturated colors. Although they can sometimes pose certain challenging problems to their users, it’s worth befriending them and learning to work together.

If you could paint any model without time constraints, what would you choose?

If I could paint any model without limitations, I would probably spend so much time contemplating that I wouldn’t end up painting anything at all. The first thing that comes to mind is a Psychophage Neurotyrant – nice models for quick painting with large surfaces to experiment on. I would also love to take on a huge Cthulhu, but the truth is that my heart belongs to all kinds of monsters, and I wouldn’t want to deny any of them that pleasure.

Do you draw inspiration from specific artists? Whom do you follow on Instagram?

On Instagram and other social media platforms, I follow many creators, both big and small. Many of them showcase their unique techniques and ideas, and although my skills don’t yet allow me to successfully replicate many of them, I watch, read, and try to learn from them for the future.

Some more pictures of her works:

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