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Studio – Kontrast Festival 2023 Awards

Kontrast 2023 was good for us!

Hello there!

Today we want to boast of participation in the largest Painting Competition in our country – Kontrast Festival 2023.

Last weekend our talented painters competed with the best painters across Poland and the whole Europe! Our models were displayed in both categories – Standard and Masters. We are thrilled to announce that we came back with some great awards!

M.O.D.O.K. for Marvel Crisis Protocol painted by Ula

Sort of a challenge, this miniature is painted on Display level and has won a Bronze Award in Masters >54mm category. Ula has worked with this miniature quite a long time but the effect is outstanding. Congratulations!

Baneblade for Warhammer 40k painted by Julia

This one has a lot of potential for free hand paintings and Julia has perfectly utilized that fact. Everywhere where it fits you can find small works of art. Whole conception of this tank was to make it, kind of, graffiti style. If you like it stay tuned for one project that we will publish in future! This one was awarded with a Silver Medal in the XXL Standard category. Congratulations!

Domitan’s Stormcoven for Warhammer Underworlds painted by Kacper

In our studio we like to experiment with miniatures and this is the proof! This Warhammer Underworlds team was converted to imitate Emperor Sheev Palpatine and his fellow Imperial Royal Guardians. Awarded with distinction in Standard category. Congratulations!

Separatists Army for Star Wars: Legion painted by Wojtek

We fear no army to paint! This huge Separatists army was a bit of a challenge (and time spent) but it was definitely worth it! It was awarded with distinction in Standard category. Congratulations!

That was an intense event but awards are always motivating and we came back to work with heightened morale!

See you in tomorrow’s post, where you will have an opportunity to get to know Julia, our awarded Painter!

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