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Studio – Get to Know: Emilia

Get to know our Painters – Interview with Emilia

This is another post from the series of articles in which you will have opportunity to get to know our team.

Today we want to introduce you to Emilia. She is one our Painters! Without further ado we’re going straight into the interview! 😃

Do you remember your first figurine that you painted? What are your memories associated with it?

I started my adventure with modeling by helping my boyfriend, who infected me with a passion for painting. I have always been involved in handicrafts, so I was happy to try this new form of it. My first figure was a Skaven on a stone wall, and it went so well that I liked it. A bit later we painted together By Fire and Sword models (XVII century historical wargame). It was a pleasant time spent together, especially since I discovered a new passion for audiobooks, which I still listen to while painting.

Which of the painted figurines (that stood out to you) brought you the most joy during the painting/creative process and why?

I love colors, so I really enjoyed my latest commission – Ork Warboss. I used unusual combinations and transitions and played with really intense colors. Creating terrains, models, and bases probably brings me the most joy. I love that I can use anything that catches my eye, even if it seems like trash at first: a pebble or a piece of metal that becomes the roof of a building. Nothing relaxes me like tufts, sand, grass and modeling clay 😍. I could plant clumps and bushes for hours, and choosing the perfect stones is my obsession 😉

What are your favorite painting techniques, and how do they influence your artwork?

Dry brush!!! Because from the chaotic swinging of the brush, the shape of the model emerges. Whenever I’m lost during painting, it shows me interesting details or helps save even the biggest disaster😊.

If you could paint any model without time constraints, what would you choose?

Unusually, it would be a large model of a castle because I love the Middle Ages. My inner princess always wanted to have a castle! I can already see the genre scenes in the market and on the ramparts 😍. I love such details, and of course, creating the terrain around it is my favorite relaxation. It’s my plan for retirement 🙂.

Do you draw inspiration from specific artists? Whom do you follow on Instagram?

Bohun, Elminaturista, because I like their style and definitely White Shark Gaming Studios because I love watching how they lay those little bricks 😍.

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