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Necromunda – Mix of Gangs #2

Nomads (Necromunda)

Nomads are a faction in Necromunda known for their wanderlust and nomadic lifestyle in the underhive. They are often scavengers, traders, and explorers who roam the perilous tunnels and ruins of the hive city. Nomad gangs are adaptable and resourceful, using their knowledge of the ever-changing underhive to their advantage. They have a diverse range of skills and equipment, reflecting their eclectic backgrounds. Nomads excel in hit-and-run tactics, ambushes, and navigating the treacherous terrain of the underhive. They are a free-spirited and independent faction, always on the move and surviving through their wits.

Astra Militarum Command Squad (Necromunda Custom Adaptation)

In the unforgiving depths of the underhive, Astra Militarum Command Squads are a rare sight, but they occasionally adapt to the harsh conditions. These specialized squads consist of officers, standard bearers, medics, and communications experts, all handpicked for their leadership abilities. They often wear modified uniforms and carry weapons suitable for close-quarters combat. In Necromunda, Astra Militarum Command Squads can provide tactical advantages to gangs by granting leadership bonuses, improved coordination, and enhanced medical support. They become a symbol of order and discipline in the chaotic underhive, and their presence can rally and inspire other gang members to face the dangers of the hive city.


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