Minis For War Painting Studio

Star Wars: Legion – Heroes, Order66miniatures

Hello Wargamers! Hope you are safe and doing great! In today’s short entry we would like to share with you, bunch of Order66 miniatures we had pleasure to work with!

Star Wars: Legion market is dominated by Fantasy Flight Games, but as you may, or may not know, there are some other options. Order66miniatures is definitely one to consider 🙂 Those guys really know the drill! Providing very cool, 3D-printable Star Wars models, will surly make your army or collection more unique! To start with, I really like very creative and flawless design. Quality is great, miniatures have tons of details, there is a lot going on! Painting experience was great, love working with high-end products. Hopefully, in a near future, we will have a chance to present you much more. Stay tuned 😉

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