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Star Wars: Legion – Shoretroopers

Hello Wargamers! How are you doing today? This entry will be dedicated to Shoretroopers painted by our team! Shoretroopers are a specialized variant of the stormtroopers trained and equipped for combat in tropical environments. That crucial Galactic Empire’s unit wielded both the E-11 blaster rifle and the upgraded E-22 blaster rifle.  It was a great Star Wars: Legion – Shoretroopers

Star Wars: Legion – Anakin & Darth Maul

Hello Wargamers! Any interesting plans for the weekend? We are very excited to present you some new Star Wars: Legion releases! Today’s entry will be featuring Anakin Skywalker, as we as Darth Maul and his droids. Both characters are very iconic to SW saga, it was a great pleasure working on those miniatures! Models painted Star Wars: Legion – Anakin & Darth Maul

Star Wars: Legion – Heroes, Order66miniatures

Hello Wargamers! Hope you are safe and doing great! In today’s short entry we would like to share with you, bunch of Order66 miniatures we had pleasure to work with! Star Wars: Legion market is dominated by Fantasy Flight Games, but as you may, or may not know, there are some other options. Order66miniatures is Star Wars: Legion – Heroes, Order66miniatures

Star Wars: Legion – Darth Vader

Luke, I am your father! In today’s entery we will be showing you one of most iconic characters on the planet – Darth Vader! The miniature comes from Fantasy’s Flight Games skirmish game – Star Wars: Legion. Painted to match the movie-standard, really like the little features on him such like OSL. Stay tuned 🙂 Star Wars: Legion – Darth Vader