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Star Wars: Legion – Dewback Rider & Snowtroopers

Hello everyone! Hope you are safe and doing great! In today’s short post we would like to uncover two Star Wars: Legion sets!

It is not rare to see local creatures being used by the Empire. Dewbacks, the enormous lizards, which can usually be found on Tatooine. Sandtroopers highly value those reptails for their endurance and strength, making them perfect desert mounts.

On the other side of temperature spectrum, Snowtroopers are the probably the most effective force of the Empire. Those incredibly skilled units are capable of performing very complicated missions even in freezing-cold enviroment.

Both of them were a pleasure to paint, that’s for sure! Dewback though definitely gave me more fun. I was enjoying the model from the very begining, it’s a wonderful sculpt, details are great. It just looks so majestic! Fantasy Flight Games, well done! Be sure to stay tuned and follow us on social media, new projects are coming into daylight everyday! 🙂

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