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Legion – Mix of Projects

Hello there! We want to show you some miniatures for Star Wars: Legion today! Fleet Troopers These guys are a perfect option to hold an objective due to free tokens every time you perform a standby action! a deadly Scatter Gun will tear your opponent apart! Rebel Veterans & Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper These Legion – Mix of Projects

Legion – Empire Mix of Projects

“Long live the Empire!!” Hello there! Here we go with some miniatures from Star Wars: Legion for the Galactic Empire faction. We pretty much want to keep this post as the gallery but if you want to read more about these units we invite you to read our article about how to start Galactic Empire Legion – Empire Mix of Projects

Star Wars: Legion – Dewback Rider & Snowtroopers

Hello everyone! Hope you are safe and doing great! In today’s short post we would like to uncover two Star Wars: Legion sets! It is not rare to see local creatures being used by the Empire. Dewbacks, the enormous lizards, which can usually be found on Tatooine. Sandtroopers highly value those reptails for their endurance Star Wars: Legion – Dewback Rider & Snowtroopers