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Star Wars Collectible – Galactic Civil War

The riveting tale of the Galactic Civil War, where the Rebel Alliance defied the Empire’s tyranny

40k – T’au Empire Blue

Explore the T’au Empire, a rapidly expanding xenos civilization in the Ultima Segmentum of the Milky Way Galaxy!

Shatterpoint – Jedi Hunters Squad Overview

Do you want to read some in-depth overview of Star Wars: Shatterpoint Inquisition units? We’re here to help you!

Star Wars – Collectible Galactic Empire

The Military Might of the Galactic Empire: Exploring the Forces That Kept the Galaxy Under Control The Galactic Empire military forces were one of the most powerful and imposing military forces in the galaxy. They were responsible for maintaining law and order throughout the Empire and defending it against any threats, both internal and external. Star Wars – Collectible Galactic Empire

Legion – Mix of Characters

Sort of Famous Characters from the Star Wars Universe   Moff Gideon is a formidable character in the Star Wars universe. He is a former Imperial Security Bureau agent and is now in charge of the Imperial remnant forces after the fall of the Empire. Gideon is a cunning and ruthless tactician who will stop Legion – Mix of Characters

Star Wars Legion – Battleforces – Blizzard Force

Blizzard Force of Galactic Empire: Ruthless Attackers in the Battle of Hoth The Imperial forces during the Battle of Hoth were led by Darth Vader and consisted of a variety of troops and vehicles. They launched a surprise attack on the Rebel Alliance’s Echo Base on the ice planet of Hoth, with the goal of Star Wars Legion – Battleforces – Blizzard Force

Legion – Mix of Projects

Hello there! We want to show you some miniatures for Star Wars: Legion today! Fleet Troopers These guys are a perfect option to hold an objective due to free tokens every time you perform a standby action! a deadly Scatter Gun will tear your opponent apart! Rebel Veterans & Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper These Legion – Mix of Projects

40k – Camouflage T’au Army

“Beneath the protective umbrella of the shield relay, we are all but untouchable. Once more, our science and enlightenment makes brings us closer to our ultimate aims.” Hello there! Here we have a T’au army for Warhammer 40k painted in such a cool camouflage pattern for one of you. If you want to know more 40k – Camouflage T’au Army

Order66 – Heresy Empire army

“Long live the Empire!” Hello there! We have a very interesting project to show to you. Order66 came up with an idea to mix 2 big universes into one Kickstarter project. Prepare yourselves for “Heresy Empire” – mash-up of Warhammer 40k with Star Wars! All of it began from concept and some drawings. Nextly they Order66 – Heresy Empire army

Legion – Empire Mix of Projects

“Long live the Empire!!” Hello there! Here we go with some miniatures from Star Wars: Legion for the Galactic Empire faction. We pretty much want to keep this post as the gallery but if you want to read more about these units we invite you to read our article about how to start Galactic Empire Legion – Empire Mix of Projects