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40k – Incubi

Hello Wargamers! Hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday 🙂

“The blade that I wield is an extantion of myself, as I am an extantion of blade. We both thirst on blood. We both seek only murder. Only in death we do find the purpse in life” – I guess, those short sentences discribe the essence of the Incubi perfectly. The Incubi dedicated their beings for war and war only. They are an order of faceless warriors, masters of the use of long bladed weapon known as clave. Their goal is simple – kill as freaquently and as cruely as possible.

Working with such comprehensive models is always quite of a challange. You need to pick up every single detail, to really reach the full potential. In our studio we always aim to create something special and unique. Hope our effort is paying-off :).

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