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Shatterpoint – Count Dooku Squad Overview

Count Dooku, Jango Fett and MagnaGuards in Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Hello there!

This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work!

Today we will go with Count Dooku, a prominent Sepratist Leader, Jango Fett and MagnaGuards!

Count Dooku, Separatist Leader

Dooku’s ability card reflects his character, style and tactical prowess. His Tactic ability allows him to Dash himself and one allied character to get a better position. It is exceptionally good with MagnaGuards, giving them a bit of extra movement. 

Next two abilities are a quite good combo themselves. Using Surely You Can do Better allows you to change up to three of your opponent hits into blanks spending that many Force Points. It makes Dooku quite a tanky character. [NOTE: Remind that after Dooku’s errata this ability should be activated in MODIFY DICE STEP – it is even better now!]

As I said before Twice the Pride, Double the Fall is an ability that goes pretty well with a previous skill.After an Melee attack was made against character in range 2 of Dooku (including himself) and Attack Roll does not contain any hit results (which you can change to blanks to be sure) an attacked unit may Dash and make a 5 dice attack against the Attacker. Kinda good combo to not let your opponent take their desired objective (you can return to the point after the enemy pushed you, then attack him back and potentially push him out).

Last ability in his loadout allows you to refresh 2 forces everytime one of your Primary or Secondary Unit with Separatist Alliance keyword is wounded. That he can make one of your Supporting Units Dash or make a 5 dice attack to revenge!

10 Stamina compared with 3 Durability and his skillset makes him quite a tanky character to be sure!

Form II Makashi is a Stance that gives you a variety of options in terms of Combat Tree. You can have up to 3 Pushes and/or Conditions such as Exposed and Strained. This stance is dedicated for melee combat as he has more dice in both attack and defense dice in this stance. However he is exposed for enemy ranged attacks with only 5 defense dice. You can deal up to 10 damage in melee combat, spiking between 2-4 hits for up to 7 damage.

Force Mastery is a stance dedicated for Ranged attacks and it is balanced in terms of defense. In a Combat Tree you can see more utility effects such as all available conditions, Heal [2] and Reposition. However this CT gives you less options. 

Jango Fett

Jango Fett, one of the most famous Bounty Hunters in a Galaxy Far Far Away is (in my opinion) also one of the best Secondary Units in the entire game. 

He is a very flexible character with good fire power and also some utility options. Jet Pack is a well known ability from our previous articles about Mandalorians. But this isn’t the only ability that allows him to Jump. My Client is Getting Impatient gives him a free Jump after he performs a focus action. It is a good option to make a Jump from Jet Pack, focus then Jump from his second ability again, then attack!

Another 2 abilities in his loadout are Capture Wire and Not So Fast. First one is a good deplacement tool to get your opponent out of objectives or pull them toward melee combat, making him unable to shoot. Second ability is what makes Jango so attractive. Not So Fast allows you to react straight after an opponent’s unit activation, making a 5 attack dice roll and inflicting wounds equal to the number of hits/crits rolled. It’s worth noting that if this ability wounds an opponent’s unit, its activation immediately ends. 

Last Ability in his arsenal is I’m Just Looking to Get Paid. This skill greatly improves your Force economy as well as helping Jango to last longer.

In terms of Stance Card, Jango’ Resourceful Gunslinger is also a good one. In 5 hits he is able to deal 8-10 damage. In addition, Fett is able to give your opponent a Strained condition, Push him, Jump or even activate Capture Wire or Jet Pack for free. His Expertise Tables are also very aggressive with good expertise to crit conversions in ranged attacks and auto damage in melee combat.


Droids programmed straight to protect important personas across Confederacy of Independent Systems – MagnaGuards – ideally represent their purpose in Shatterpoint.

Their Protection Protocols ability lets them follow their Leader. Bodyguard proves your Primaries and Secondaries characters with additional Cover. Intercede disallows your opponent to target said units with attacks as long as MagnaGuards are engaged with the attacker.

10 stamina and 2 durability means that your opponent is obligated to deal at least 20 damage to them, before they will be defeated.

Their Stance Card, Defensive Programs, provides them with quite a punch. After scoring 4 hits you are able to deal 5-6 damage, Push, provide Disarmed, Move and/or Heal. 5-6 damage seems kinda weak but if you compare it with a fact that it is a two-character unit with a good Crit expertise, you will understand that they may be very cruel from time to time.

Thank you for reading today’s article and see you in the next one, where we will cover Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, her Padawan Barriss Offee and Clone Commandos.

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