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Shatterpoint – Lord Maul Strike Team Overview

Lord Maul, Gar Saxon and Mandalorian Super Commandos in Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Hello there!

This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work! Today we will go with Lord Maul and his loyal Mandalorians – Gar Saxon and Super Commandos!

Lord Maul

We will start with our Crime Lord, Lord Maul himself!

In terms of abilities Maul is one of the most aggressive primary characters in-game by now. His skill set perfectly fits his personality. His Innate ability, Revenge, I must Revenge, lets you perform a move and additional attack whenever Maul is wounded (2 times per game), punishing your opponent for trying to hurt his Eminence. And then we have his Innate ability which is pretty interesting. Sustained by Rage let him suffer damage instead of paying Force cost of abilities. In addition, for every 3 damage tokens he has, he adds 1 attack die to his melee attacks (and 3 dice for each wound token he has). This means that in certain situations he may perform an attack with a total of 14 dice (7 base + 6 from Wound tokens + 1 from 3 damage tokens he may gain with his Innate ability). Quite a huge dice pool!

But our Crime Lord is also a master in chasing enemies due to his Active abilities. Force Speed allows you to perform additional advance move by spending a Force and There is no Place to Run lets you pull an enemy toward Maul, giving Exposed token, making that opponent’s unit more fragile during the next attack.

However, Maul is quite a fragile Primary character due to only 11 Stamina and 2 Durability means that you will need 22 damage to defeat him.

Now we need to talk about his Stances as this is an important part of his setup.

Dark Rage is an aggressive melee stance, providing 7 dice with this kind of attack. Scoring 5-6 hits leads to 7-10 damage and can Push your enemy up to 3 times as well as perform a Jump or give your opponent Strained condition.

Sinister Cunning is a form in which you will be most of the time. The reason is clear. This is a more secure stance that will allow you to get closer to your enemies. In addition in this form Maul is able to throw his lightsaber, making a ranged attack with 7 dice. Scoring 6 hits leads to 10 damage and allows you to move, jump, push your opponent, heal yourself and provide your opponent with conditions such as Pinned and Exposed.

Gar Saxon

Gar Saxon, commander of his Loyalist Mandalorians, is his dedicated Secondary Unit.

Gar Saxon comes with some standard abilities for Mandalorians, such as Jet Pack (which allows you to jump by the cost of 1 Force) and Mandalorians are Stronger Together (which provide him with free focus action, whenever he finish his move action in range 2 of another allied Mandalorian character. He also has the same ability as Bo-Katan Kryze, Pride of the Mandalore, that allows him to command one allied Mandalorian character to perform a jump at the start of Saxon activation.

His individual abilities are both Innate. I’ve Got You in My Sights gives him the Sharpshooter [2] keyword that lets you roll 2 additional dice during next attack if you have performed a focus action previously (total of 3, 1 from the base effect of Focus and 2 from Sharpshooter keyword). In addition, when Saxon makes a ranged attack he ignores opponents Cover and after performing a focus action he also gains a Hunker token. Last ability in his set is Pack Hunter. If Gar makes a melee attack against an enemy that is engaged with another Mandalorian character from your squad he will add 2 attack dice to the roll. As you can see he keeps in step with Maul as an aggressive Secondary Unit.

9 stamina and 2 durability means that Cody needs 18+ damage to be defeated.

In terms of Stance Card, Saxon’ Concentrated Assaults, is very aggressive. In 5 hits it is able to do at least 7-8 damage. In addition, Gar is able to give your opponent a Pinned or Strained condition or Push. In addition you can jump, repositioning yourself.

Mandalorian Super Commandos

Last unit in today’s article is his Loyalists – one of the most feared forces in the Far Far Away Galaxy universe – Mandalorian Super Commandos.

This unit is made of 2 characters and comes with a Point Cost of 4. They share Jet Pack and Mandalorian are Stronger Together with their Commander, Gar. In addition, they have 2 Innate abilities. One simply gives you Impact [1] (works like Sharpshooter but for melee attacks). Their unique ability is No Mercy, which deals damage to opponents every time he tries to disengage with them.

8 stamina and 2 durability means that your opponent is obligated to deal at least 16 damage to them, before they will be defeated.

Their Stance Card, Disruptive Tactics provides them with quite a punch. After scoring 3-5 hits you are able to deal 4-7 damage, Push, provide conditions such as Strained, Disarmed or Exposed or even jump. 

Thank you for reading today’s article and see you in the next one, where we will cover Count Dooku alongside legendary Bounty Hunter – Jango Fett as well as some Magnaguards. 

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