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SAGA – Viking and Carolingian Warband

Hello Wargamers!

With this entry I would like to introduce you to SAGA, by Gripping Beast. SAGA is a wargaming system designed for 2-4 players. On the battleground you’ll be using 30-50 miniatures per side, so if you are tired with moving hundreds of models, it might be something for you!

The game seems to be a prefect crossover between fantasy and historical tabletop games. During battles, you’ll be using 28 mm miniatures, designed pretty closely to their original equivalents. Some will be endowed special magical powers and rules, changing your tactics dramatically.

On the pictures below, you will find Viking and Carolingian warbands. It was a great pleasure to paint those miniatures, looking forward to more SAGA projects! Stay tuned 🙂

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