Rampart – Modular Terrain Set / Kickstarter


Quite recently we had the opportunity to work together with Archon Studio on their new line of modular terrains, which just today hit the Kickstarter. Link to the campaign can be found HERE.

The campaign is going like a storm and is slowly approaching $50,000 – you have a chance to support the project until 18.12.2019!

We have painted three different sets – Eternal Cathedral, Kazumi Temple and the newest Cobal Factory. Each of them has its own, unique atmosphere (gothic cathedral, exotic temple and industrial, 40k factory) and allows you to create unique structures for the battle table. Modularity is one of the biggest advantages of the Rampart series – it requires creativity from the builder, but it rewards him with the possibility of almost any combination of parts.

A few of our comments:

  • The models are made of good quality plastic. The details are sharp and all the elements are really solid.
  • Assembling takes a lot of time, mainly due to the number of parts in each set.
  • Almost all elements are modular and can be combined as needed (from small ruins to the creation of gigantic structures).
  • The creators predicted the possibility of magnetization. During the assembly we used magnets with dimensions of 5mm x 3mm. When you are working on your copies, remember to install and polarize them properly! 🙂
  • The scale of the buildings perfectly matches the Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and other models in 28mm systems.
  • Each set is a REALLY large number of parts – after assembling you will have a lot of additional decorative elements for bases/dioramas.

Below you will find a photo gallery where you can take a closer look at all three sets. If you have any questions, comment section is yours!

Commission painting services – minisforwar@gmail.com