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Marvel Crisis Protocol Terrains - A “Living” Part of the Game

In Marvel Crisis Protocol terrains play a lot more roles than on the majority of popular miniature games. It does not only provide you a cover, you can also interact with it in many ways.

First of all - size really matters!

Terrains in MCP have different sizes (from 1 to 5). Size of the terrain determines if your character’s abilities will work with it or rather not. Atomic Mass Games states that terrain sizes are strictly determined by a space used by that piece. Size 1 terrains (such as light poles, mailboxes etc are 1”x1” while Size 5 terrains can be 8”x8” or even bigger. But hey, you don’t need to measure each terrain piece – they have numbers printed on the bottom of each piece!

How many terrains do I need in Marvel Crisis Protocol?

This is an important question! AMG suggests 12-20 pieces for optimal gameplay. The table must not be flat like a pan, but also there should not be a maze for you to freely move. There is good to have 2-4 Size 1 terrains (as stated above, mailboxes for example), 3-6 Size 2 terrains (cars, dumpsters), 3-6 Size 3 (shipping containers, news stands), 1-2 Size 4 (trucks, small buildings) and 0-1 Size 5 (large buildings). MIx them and make a board of your dreams!

What can I do exactly with all of these terrains in MCP?

Basically there are 4 main things: throwing them into characters, throwing characters into them, blocking LoS and providing cover.

Throwing them and into them

Variety of characters have abilities that let you throw something somewhere. In these abilities there are few important things: how close you have to be to the terrain piece, the maximum size it can be and how far you can throw it. But why should you do that? First of all, you can do damage to the opponent (if he missed the dodge saving throw) and then destroy a piece of terrain. Second one is very important if you want to deprive your opponent of cover. If you throw another miniature into the terrain piece, the character immediately takes damage and then the terrain may be destroyed (if it is smaller than the character thrown).

Line of Sight Blocking

Terrain blocks line of sight if it is larger than the target. If you can’t draw a line between any point on the attacker’s and target’s bases without crossing the terrain you don’t have line of sight. 

So what happens if a character is on top of a piece of terrain? In that case you add the character’s size and the terrain’s size together for determining line of sight to the character. If Spider-Man (Size 2) is on top of a Size 5 building, that’s Size 7 and you can pretty much see him from anywhere on the board.

Note that LOS is checked as if the board were two dimensional so heights and angles don’t matter. 

Providing Cover

If any straight line between the attacker’s base and the target’s base crosses a piece of terrain and the target is within Range 1 of the terrain and the attacker is not within Range 2 of the target then the defender gets to change one defense die to a Block. Kinda helpful!

If you want your own set of Marvel Crisis Protocol terrains, you can contact us and we will figure it out!

Check available terrain pieces on the official AMG webstore.

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