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Kill Team – Fallen Dark Angels

You stand before this brotherhood as a Renegade and a Traitor. Your actions have brought shame on the Primarch and on the Unforgiven. Your suffering shall be but a beginning to your penance and your screams shall be the harbinger of your contrition.

Hello there!

We want to present you Fallen Dark Angels from Warhammer Kill Team.

Simply called the Fallen, they’re Renegade Space Marines who followed Luther (second-in-command of Ist Legion), into damnation when they split off from the DA in the aftermath of Horus Heresy. They’re treachery and betrayal is the Dark Angels’ secret shame. Only a few of them, those who reached the rank of the Deathwing, learn the story of Luthers’ betrayal. There are some of them who after their decision on Kaliban began to bemoan their decision and didn’t fall into arms of Chaos Gods. Many of them became mercenaries and pirates and others integrated themselves back into human societies, taking on the role of mortal men.

There you can see a Kill Team Band, featuring Cypher.

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