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40k – Colourful Orks

“Dem Inquisishun humies can’t be trusted any further dan day can be thrown, which in dat one‘s case might be a bad example.”

Hello there!

We want to present you some alternate color pattern Orks painted from Warhammer 40k

If you’re considering why we post so many Orks last time, the answer is pretty easy. It is ORKtober! And we want to celebrate that month with you, humies! Enjoy our today post and make sure you check the Age of Sigmar ones as well as some miniatures converted by us to be playable in the Kings of War system!

There you can see Deffkoptas, Grot Tanks, Beastsnagga Boys, Beastboss, Warboss in Mega Armour and some 3D printed models.

If you want a commission, feel free to contact us.

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