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40k – God Busta Mega Stompa

Ork Gargants: Walking Gods of Destruction

In the tumultuous universe of Warhammer 40,000, the Orks are known for their unquenchable thirst for battle and destruction. Among the myriad war machines that roar across the battlefield, Ork Gargants stand tall as the mechanical avatars of the Ork gods, Gork and Mork. In this article, we delve into the chaotic world of Ork Gargants, their construction, weaponry, and their crucial role in signaling an impending Ork WAAAGH!

Divine Visions and the Birth of Gargants

Big Mek Orks, driven by divine visions from either Gork or Mork (or both), embark on a creative journey to bring these visions to life. Their canvas? Thick armor plates, smoke-belching engines, and an arsenal of massive guns. This artistic pursuit quickly spreads among other Big Meks, resulting in Gargants sprouting up across Ork-settled areas.

A Sign of Impending WAAAGH!

The construction of Gargants serves as a telltale sign of an impending Ork WAAAGH! These towering war machines symbolize the Orks’ thirst for conquest and the impending chaos that follows in their wake.

The Diverse World of Ork Gargants

Ork Gargants are a diverse lot, with each one being a unique creation. Their slapdash technology often results in haphazard, unreliable, but undeniably noisy weapons. These behemoths typically boast close-combat weaponry, reflecting the Ork’s “Orky” nature of charging headlong into battle.

Power Fields and Crew Dynamics

Gargants generate Power Fields akin to Imperial Titans’ gravitic Void Shields for defense. However, unlike Titans, Gargants cannot regenerate these shields during battle. Orks rely less on automation, so a large crew of Orks and Gretchins operates these machines under the leadership of a “kaptin.”

Formidable, Yet Vulnerable

Compared to Imperial Titans, Ork Gargants sport weaker armor and shorter-ranged weaponry. Still, their crude construction makes them incredibly durable. While they don’t suffer plasma reactor meltdowns, they are susceptible to fires and magazine explosions.

No Standard Size or Armament

Gargants come in various sizes, with smaller ones known as Stompas. The armaments of a Gargant depend on available materials and the whims of its builders. From Lobbas to Zap Cannons and Gatling Cannons to Flamers, Gargants wield a wide array of weapons, often paired with massive melee weapons.

The Pride of Ork Warbosses

Owning a Gargant is a source of great pride for an Ork Warboss, signifying wealth in Teef (Ork currency) and exceptional Big Mek skills. Gargants are prevalent among the Kult of Speed and Bad Moons klan, with each Ork tribe having its preferred weapon load-outs.

God Busta Mega Stompa: A Terrifying Behemoth

The Mega-Gargant, on the other hand, is a rare, super-sized variant that rivals Imperator and Warmonger-class Emperor Titans in size. This colossal fortress on tracks carries a fearsome arsenal, including the devastating “Mega-Dropper,” striking fear into the hearts of Ork foes.


In the savage world of the Orks, Gargants represent more than just war machines. They are symbols of power, devotion, and impending destruction—an embodiment of Gork and Mork unending thirst for battle. So, when you hear the rumble of a Gargant’s approach, know that an Ork WAAAGH! is on the horizon!


This God Busta Mega Stompa was made by Kromlech as a part of their Orktober campaign!


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If you want your own customized Ork Gargants, just contact us!

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