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Great War – German Army

Charge into the Trenches: Flames of War Great War Brings World War I to Life

History buffs and tabletop wargaming enthusiasts, rejoice! Flames of War, the popular miniatures wargame, offers a thrilling dive into the brutal battlefields of World War I with its dedicated expansion, Great War.

Relive the Great War

Great War allows you to recreate the iconic trench warfare, massive artillery barrages, and daring tank charges that defined the First World War. This expansion utilizes the core mechanics of Flames of War 4th edition, ensuring a familiar and streamlined gameplay experience for veterans.

What Makes Great War Unique?

Great War distinguishes itself with specialized rules, units, and scenarios tailored for the specific challenges and tactics of the Great War era. Command iconic infantry formations like the stoic British Tommies or the tenacious German Stormtroopers. Unleash the devastating firepower of trench mortars and heavy artillery.

Key Features of Flames of War Great War:

  • Specialized Rules: Great War incorporates rules for trench warfare, gas attacks, and the evolving tactics of the war.
  • Unique Units: Field the distinctive infantry, cavalry, and armored vehicles of World War I, including the iconic Mark I tank.
  • Thematic Scenarios: Fight through historically accurate scenarios that capture the major battles and operations of the war.

A Hobby for Strategists and History Buffs

Great War is more than just a game; it’s a gateway to history. As you assemble your miniature forces, paint them in authentic colors, and command them on the tabletop battlefield, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the strategies and sacrifices of the Great War era.

Getting Started with Flames of War Great War

To start your Great War journey, you’ll need the Great War rulebook and miniature figures representing the armies you wish to command. Battlefront Miniatures, the creators of Flames of War, offers a wide range of detailed miniatures for all the major powers of World War I.

Great War: Bringing History to the Tabletop

Whether you’re a seasoned Flames of War player or a history buff looking for a unique way to engage with the Great War, Flames of War Great War offers an unparalleled tabletop wargaming experience. So, gather your comrades, assemble your forces, and prepare to relive the momentous battles of World War I on your tabletop battlefield.

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