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The Old World – Dwarfs

The Dwarfs of Warhammer Fantasy: A Legacy of Stone and Steel

The world of Warhammer Fantasy brims with diverse factions, each boasting a unique history, culture, and strengths. Among these stand the Dwarfs, a race as ancient as the mountains themselves, renowned for their unwavering determination and mastery of stone and steel.

A Proud People, Steeped in History

Dwarfs, or Dawi in their own tongue of Khazalid, are considered one of the eldest and proudest races in the Known World. Their history stretches back to a time before memory, with a vast empire that once spanned continents. Though their domain has shrunk, their heartland remains firmly within the mighty Worlds Edge Mountains, a natural barrier separating the Old World from the treacherous Dark Lands. These mountains are riddled with magnificent Dwarfholds, testaments to their engineering prowess and the power of their ancient civilization.

Masters of Craft

Dwarfs are famed throughout the world for their unparalleled skill in mining and tunneling. Their legendary city of Karaz-a-Karak stands as a monument to the sheer scale of their works. They are also peerless engineers, smiths, and craftsmen, capable of creating objects of breathtaking beauty and unmatched durability. Their creations far surpass the delicate works of the Elven metalworkers and leave the trinkets of Men far behind in value.

Strength, Unity, and Enduring Grudges

Dwarfs are a hardy and robust people. They are not only brilliant artisans but also formidable warriors, renowned for their unwavering courage and skill in battle. Above all, they value loyalty – both to their kin and those they consider allies. This strong sense of kinship fosters a remarkable unity among the Dwarfs, making them one of the most cohesive races in the world. Proud, honorable, and incredibly resilient, Dwarfs are said to be able to endure any hardship, weathering the world’s horrors until its very end.

A Legacy Carved in Stone

Dwarf history is a tapestry woven into the very fabric of time. Their ancestors are revered with the utmost respect, and lineage is paramount within each Dwarfhold. Records meticulously document their history, stretching back to the time they first ventured north into the Worlds Edge Mountains.

Dwarfen Creation Myths

Like many races in Warhammer Fantasy, Dwarfs have their own creation myths. According to their legends, they were brought into existence by the benevolent Old Ones, god-like beings who molded the world and seeded it with life. These beings, imbued with immense power, are said to have created the first Dwarfs and the gods of the Dwarfen pantheon.

Dwarf tradition holds that they were literally carved from the mountain rocks, birthed by the very stone itself. While the Dwarfs flourished, the Old Ones continued their work, shaping the world into a haven for all living things. The ultimate purpose of the Old Ones and their plans for the Dwarfs remain shrouded in mystery, a secret lost to the ages.

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