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Aeon Trespass: Odyssey – Abysswatchers

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey - Brace for War in the Brutal "Abysswatchers" Cycle

“Abysswatchers” is the second cycle in Aeon Trespass: Odyssey, thrusting you into the unforgiving heart of a war-torn world. Following the events of “Truth of the Labyrinth“, this chapter throws down the gauntlet, presenting some of the Argonauts’ darkest challenges.

War on All Fronts

“Abysswatchers” elevates the stakes compared to the previous cycle, demanding strategic thinking and tactical prowess

Nietzschean, the Supreme Ruler of Man


Unrelenting Warfare: Gone are the distant rumbles of war. Here, you’re thrust into the heart of the conflict, facing imperial armies, elite Spartan forces, and weaponized Primordials.

Expanded Gameplay: The core mechanics of voyaging, adventuring, crafting, and research remain, but with a heightened focus on warfare. Scouting for optimal routes, countering enemy sabotage, and safeguarding refugees become crucial aspects of your strategy.

Exploring a Fractured Landscape: Travel Sparta’s war-torn coasts and delve inland through the Great River Works, a network of canals and dams reshaping the land.

Uneasy Alliances: Forge bonds with resistance groups fighting against the Nietzschean regime, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the devastation.

The Price of Victory

“Abysswatchers” delves into the moral complexities of war, forcing you to make agonizing choices that define the Argonauts’ character

The Cyclonus, The Soldiers of an Empire




Sacrifice and Compassion: Will you share your resources with refugees caught in the crossfire? How far will you go to help those in need?

The Cost of Winning: Are you prepared to sacrifice your crew for victory’s sake? Will you leave behind the weak and injured, or fight for them at all costs?

A War for Souls: Every decision shapes the Argonauts’ destiny. Will you succumb to the Nietzschean’s cruelty, or carve your own path guided by compassion?

A More Devious Threat

The Primordials you faced before pale in comparison to the monstrosities that await in “Abysswatchers”

The Chimera Mestasios, the Hungering Sea




Evolved and Ruthless: The Primordials have grown more aggressive and cunning. They can now cripple your Titans, rendering them useless in battle. Failure to maintain a healthy Titan roster leads to instant defeat.


Twisted Empathy: The Nietzschean exploits your compassion. Many Primordials are encased in cages filled with innocent captives. Do you unleash a devastating attack that harms the innocent, or risk your own crew in a less effective strike?

Facing a Brutal Foe

Beyond the Primordials, a new enemy emerges – the Nietzschean’s relentless forces

The Burden, a Sinister Adversary




Spartans Prepared for War: Forewarned of your arrival, the Spartans have devised deadly strategies. Entire cities are rigged to ensnare your Titans, while specialized Thanporos squads excel in close-quarters combat against these colossal warriors.


The Shadowy Krypteia: The Nietzschean’s elite secret police strike fear into the hearts of all. They disrupt the Argonaut-Titan link, infiltrate the Argo during battles, and eliminate crew members with deadly precision.

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