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Dust Tactics – USMC Army

Hello Wargamers!

I am very excited to present you, for the very first time on our blog: Dust Tactics – tactical miniatures game for 2-4 players set in a colorful universe created by Paolo Parente. The game takes players to an alternative reality, where World War II has never ended. In the 1940s, thanks to the discovered foreign sources of power, the war took on a completely different dimension. Now the main cause of the dispute is the deposits of rare minerals, the possession of which may determine the fate of the entire war.

So far we didn’t have any experience with Dust Tactics, so I was very curious about quality of the models. Happily, there was absolutely no issues with them! Design is great, miniatures are very detailed and neat. Painting-wise, it was a great pleasure to work over the USMC Army!

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