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world war II

FoW – Fallschirmjager

Elite Paratroopers:  Fallschirmjäger Units in Flames of War If you want to read more about German Army click HERE Fallschirmjäger is the German word for “paratroopers.” During World War II, the Fallschirmjäger were the paratrooper units of the German Luftwaffe. They were trained to carry out airborne operations, including the capture of key objectives such FoW – Fallschirmjager

FoW – Finnish Army

Guerilla Tactics in Harsh Enviroment – Finnish Army in Flames of War The Finnish Army in Flames of War is known for its ability to fight effectively in harsh winter conditions and use of guerilla tactics. They have many units trained in winter warfare, including ski troops and sled-mounted machine guns, which can move through FoW – Finnish Army

Flames of War – Spearhead Division

The Mighty 3rd Armored Division: A Miniature Tribute to a Spearhead of US Military Might The 3rd Armored Division, also known as the “Spearhead Division,” was a highly decorated armored division of the United States Army that served during World War II and the Cold War. The division was activated in 1941 and saw extensive Flames of War – Spearhead Division

MCP – Mix of Projects #4

Hello there! Here we go with some miniatures from Marvel Crisis Protocol. All what I write here is based on comics. “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.” On the right there is a well known Steve Rogers, widely known as Captain America. Before he became a superhero he was “just a kid from Brooklyn” that MCP – Mix of Projects #4

Dust Tactics – USMC Army

Hello Wargamers! I am very excited to present you, for the very first time on our blog: Dust Tactics – tactical miniatures game for 2-4 players set in a colorful universe created by Paolo Parente. The game takes players to an alternative reality, where World War II has never ended. In the 1940s, thanks to Dust Tactics – USMC Army