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Bolt Action – Eighth Army

Eighth Army, a multinational force pivotal in World War II’s pivotal campaigns

FoW – Fallschirmjager

Elite Paratroopers:  Fallschirmjäger Units in Flames of War If you want to read more about German Army click HERE Fallschirmjäger is the German word for “paratroopers.” During World War II, the Fallschirmjäger were the paratrooper units of the German Luftwaffe. They were trained to carry out airborne operations, including the capture of key objectives such FoW – Fallschirmjager

FoW – Finnish Army

Guerilla Tactics in Harsh Enviroment – Finnish Army in Flames of War The Finnish Army in Flames of War is known for its ability to fight effectively in harsh winter conditions and use of guerilla tactics. They have many units trained in winter warfare, including ski troops and sled-mounted machine guns, which can move through FoW – Finnish Army

15mm – 1939 Polish Army

Hello Wargamers! I’d like to share with you a small gallery of 15mm Polish Army miniatures, dedicated to early war and 1939 defence campaign. Our team had a chance to paint some cavalry, six units of infantry & mortars as well as artillery and tanks. Small but decent forces 🙂 If you want to work 15mm – 1939 Polish Army

Flames of War – British Forces

Hello Wargamers! Small scales are back! 😀 Today-  painted forces for Flames of War system from Battlefront (15 mm scale). Mostly British regular infantry but also some paratroopers, artillery and different planes. It’s good to see this wargame alive but supply of models in EU is terrible (right now in 2021). I hope distributor will Flames of War – British Forces

Flames of War – German Army

Hello Wargamers! How are you doing today? In this entry, we’d like to introduce you to a German army from Flames of War. Flames of War is a 15mm, turn-based battle game by Battlefront, recreating historical battles that took place during World War II. The system is valued for it’s balance and realism, allowing players Flames of War – German Army

Team Yankee – French Army

Hello Everyone! In this entry, I’d like to introduce you to Team Yankee – 15 mm tabletop wargame set in a fictional World War III. The game is a very interesting choice for both Sci-Fi and historical enthusiasts. You and your friend will be taking command of a company or battalion level force. The game Team Yankee – French Army

Dust Tactics – USMC Army

Hello Wargamers! I am very excited to present you, for the very first time on our blog: Dust Tactics – tactical miniatures game for 2-4 players set in a colorful universe created by Paolo Parente. The game takes players to an alternative reality, where World War II has never ended. In the 1940s, thanks to Dust Tactics – USMC Army

Bolt Action – Japanese Army

Howdy Wargamers! Today, we are presenting you our very first Bolt Action project! For those of you, who are not familiar with the system, Bolt Action is a 28 mm historical battle game, taking action in the World War. It’s designed and published by Warlord Games. Players value it for realistic rules, variety of armies Bolt Action – Japanese Army

Flames of War – US Army II

Hello Wargamers! Hope you’ve enjoyed our last entry dedicated to US Army! We are keeping up with the momentum and would like to show you another one! The project was painted in a very classical way, I bet there aren’t any doubts who those miniatures represent, even at first glance. Painting 15mm isn’t an easy Flames of War – US Army II