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Here we go mostly with 3D printed miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons with one exception of an original WizKids model for Pathfinder!

Brain Collectors are monstrous creatures native to the Plane of Shadow. They are known for their elongated arms and legs, as well as their ability to extract the brains of their victims. They have a long, flexible tongue that they use to reach into their victim’s skull and remove their brain. Brain Collectors are highly intelligent and are able to analyze and absorb the knowledge of those they consume. This makes them particularly dangerous to adventurers and scholars, as they often target individuals with valuable information. In addition to their physical abilities, Brain Collectors also possess a range of psychic abilities, such as telekinesis and mind control. They are often depicted as being solitary creatures, hunting their prey in the shadows.

Werewolves are humanoids that have the ability to transform into wolf-like creatures, often as a result of a curse. They are known for their strength, agility, and endurance, as well as their powerful senses, especially their sense of smell. In their human form, Werewolves are often indistinguishable from regular humans, but they have a strong connection to the moon and may display increased aggression or unpredictability during full moons. When they transform, they take on a fearsome appearance, with razor-sharp claws, powerful jaws, and fur-covered bodies. Werewolves are often portrayed as both victims of their curse and as threats to human communities. Some Werewolves form packs and live together, while others choose to live alone, struggling to control their primal instincts.

Druid – class that harnesses the power of nature to cast spells, shapeshift into animals, and protect the natural world. They have access to spells that can heal, manipulate the elements, and summon animals for assistance.

Barbarian – class that focuses on raw physical power and aggressive tactics in combat. Barbarians can enter a rage to increase their strength and toughness, but their rage can also make them difficult to control. They rely on their brute force rather than weapons or magic to defeat enemies.

Necromancer – class that uses magic to control the dead and drain life energy from living beings. Necromancers can raise and command undead minions, and have access to spells that protect them and harm their enemies. They are often viewed with fear and mistrust, but some use their powers for good.

Sorceress – spellcaster that draws power from the arcane to cast a wide range of spells, including spells that deal damage, control enemies, and manipulate reality. Sorcerers have a natural talent for magic and can cast spells without the need for spellcasting components or preparation.

Vampire Huntress – specialized in tracking and killing vampires. They often have access to weapons and tools specifically designed to harm vampires, such as silver weapons or holy water. They are also often trained in vampire lore and weaknesses, making them formidable foes to the undead. A vampire huntress may work alone or as part of an organization dedicated to vampire hunting.

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