Minis For War Painting Studio


Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters & Heroes

Heya y’all! Here we go mostly with 3D printed miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons with one exception of an original WizKids model for Pathfinder! Brain Collectors are monstrous creatures native to the Plane of Shadow. They are known for their elongated arms and legs, as well as their ability to extract the brains of their Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters & Heroes

LotR / Hobbit – Mix of projects

Hello Wargamers! Today I have some projects from Lord of the Rings universe 🙂 It’s a couple of models we had a chance to paint for you during the past few months – Eomer, Cave Drake, Gandalf, Gwaihir, Fingolfin… I am especially proud of how Gwaihir looks like – bird’s beak, eyes, feathers 😀 I LotR / Hobbit – Mix of projects

Dungeons & Dragons – Animals and Ice Queen

Hello Wargamers! Dungeons & Dragons = wolf pack encounter. Players are resting in the middle of the night by the campfire when a wolf howls in the distance. Iconic, isn’t it? 🙂 As you may see, wild bear is also present. Models have some nice details, fur is well-sculpted and overall look is perfect for Dungeons & Dragons – Animals and Ice Queen

Monsterpocalypse – Protectors Starter Set

[:pl] Cześć! Witajcie po weekendzie 🙂 W dzisiejszym wpisie chciałbym Wam zaprezentować modele z zestawu startowego do systemu Monsterpocalypse. Gra traktuje o walkach gigantycznych monstrów w miejskich metropoliach – klimaty komiksu, superbohaterstwa i Godzilli. Figurki które dostajemy w zestawie startowym są solidnie wykonane, chociaż materiał (żywica?) jest dość trudna w obróbce. Maluje się je za Monsterpocalypse – Protectors Starter Set