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D&D – Giants

Forget smash! D&D 5e giants boast epic cultures.

DnD – TOP 10 Races That You Should Try!

Which of them are the most awkward?

DnD – TOP 10 Campaign Books

Which of them will take you into an immersive adventure?

DnD – TOP 10 Sourcebooks

Which of them are the best? Which of them are kinda necessary?

Archon – Deuslair 5ed Kickstarter

Dungeons & Lasers V: World of Deuslair 5E – Bestiary Kickstarter from Archon Studio Our partner Archon Studio recently finished another successful campaign on Kickstarter! This time it was from their Dungeons & Lasers project. They made it pretty consequently and we are helping them from time to time 😉 In terms of quality, miniatures Archon – Deuslair 5ed Kickstarter

Dungeons & Dragons – Collectible Dragons

The Mighty Dragons of Dungeons & Dragons Universe Dragons are one of the most prominent and iconic creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) universe. They are depicted as massive, winged reptilian creatures with formidable strength, intelligence, and magical abilities. In D&D lore, dragons are categorized into various types based on their color, such as Dungeons & Dragons – Collectible Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters & Heroes

Heya y’all! Here we go mostly with 3D printed miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons with one exception of an original WizKids model for Pathfinder! Brain Collectors are monstrous creatures native to the Plane of Shadow. They are known for their elongated arms and legs, as well as their ability to extract the brains of their Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters & Heroes

Dungeons & Lasers – Dragons

Hey Wargamers! Another project completed with a full success. Our Dragons from Dungeons and Lasers seems to be so real – don’t they? Painting all of these details gave us a great joy. The glowing eyes are reminiscent of the dark times when dragons were still alive.    Our artists put a lot of effort Dungeons & Lasers – Dragons

Other – Tangent Models / Zombicide / D&D

Hello Wargamers! Sometimes we have a chance to paint interesting models from small manufactures and rare expansions for popular board games 😀 That’s why this job is so exciting! Below you may find small gallery of minis from Zombicide Board Game, collection of sculpts inspired by famous sci-fi movies and a few monsters for Dungeons Other – Tangent Models / Zombicide / D&D

Animal Adventures: Tales of Dungeons & Doggies

Today’s post we dedicate to all pet lovers! Couple weeks ago we came across probably the cutest miniatures you’ve ever seen – Animal Adventures: Tales of Dungeons & Doggies! These lovely miniatures have their own game system, you can also use them as companions in any RPG! We had so much fun painting these miniatures, Animal Adventures: Tales of Dungeons & Doggies