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Shatterpoint – Adepticon 2024 Reveals

[NEWS] Star Wars: Shatterpoint Adepticon 2024 Reveals

Atomic Mass Games revealed a whole lot of HOT upcoming Star Wars Shatterpoint products (this year’s Road Map and beginning of 2025) during the last day of the Adepticon. From revealing the Iden Versio Character Card and Ghost Crew, through the new kind of boxes to brand new Scenario Pack! A lot of plastic goods as well as some cards were revealed, so without further ado, let’s jump straight into it!

Iden Versio & Imperial Special Forces

To be honest, I was waiting for this reveal since their Ministravaganza in 2023. What we see here is an outline of a kinda aggressive Galactic Empire squad. Highly mobile units with a bunch of self healing and (probably) strong attacks will be a perfect fit for each aggro player here and there. We still don’t know anything about the Secondary unit (except it will be Del Meeko and/or Gideon Hask). 

We’ll surely cover this squad in our series of Squad Overviews as soon as the pack is released. Release was announced for June 2024.

Han Solo & Chewie

Second reveal was Han Solo and his loyal companion – Chewbacca. The first one is an agile Primary Unit that is able to not only attack (too) many times but mess with Momentum Tokens as well. And this is a very powerful ability as it can simply win you games. 

Chewbacca on the other hand is a tanky Secondary Unit that not only has a huge amount of HP but also heals himself and provides other characters within Range 2 with not only Cover[1] but also gives them one free Defense Expertise on each roll as long as he’s not wounded. However, we have no information about their stances, so we need to stay patient. Release was announced for June 2024.

Never Tell me The Odds - New Mission Pack

We still don’t know much about this pack. As far as I understand it will be the last “competitive mission” for quite a long time as they want to focus more on the narrative missions now. I hope they will add a few more “competitive missions” in the future but for now I think that three mission sets give us a nice variety. Release was announced for June 2024.

Ghost Crew

One of the other packs I was hyped on since their last reveal panel. Atomic Mass Games decided to split all the Spectres across 2 different boxes. One will feature Kanan Jarrus and Zeb Orrelios (and I suppose the third character here will be Ezra Bridger). 

Other one will contain Sabine Wren and Chopper (and here we could expect Hera Syndulla as well). As a big fan of the Star Wars: Rebels cartoon I’m totally hyped for these boxes and hope they will form a strong squad all together. Both sets were announced for July 2024.

Future Releases

All of these units were announced for the Q3 and Q4 of 2024 as well as Q1 of the next year. What can we see here? First of all Grand Admiral Thrawn, Kallus and ISB Agents. When there’s Ghost Crew, there is also him to find them! 

Another box you can see is the Mandalorians from the Disney+ series. I hope that the Armourer and Paz will greatly improve the existing Mandalorian squads with new abilities and ways to play them. 

Beside all these lovely squads (Lando from the Cloud City, Veers and Snowtroopers or either the Empire Crosshair with his Flamethrower troopers) there is a new kind of box we want to spot. “Unit Pack” as they named it. In this particular Unit Pack you will find 4 famous Bounty Hunters and all of them will be a Secondary Unit that you can fit in your Strike Teams. 

Last, but not least, for Q1 of the next year we will get 2 new Jedi Masters – Ki-Adi-Mundi and Kit Fisto. However, this year we won’t get any Clone Wars era miniatures except the Bad Batch*.

If you want to start your adventure with Star Wars Shatterpoint, check our Shatterpoint Guide!

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You can check actually available boxes on the official AMG Webstore.

* And again: Where tf are Yoda and Palpatine? 😠☹️

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