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AoS – Endless Spells

Hello Everyone!

Another pack of Endless Spells painted by our team!

Endless spell is a spell known by every wizard in your army.It is like casting arcane bolts or mystic shield, but a physical model shows up upon a board. Usually they are way more powerful than basic spells. These spells are cast excatly the same way as any other spell, but instead of being active for only short duration, they will last on a battleground wreaking havoc.

On the pictures, you will find Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws, Soulsnare Shackles, Prismatic Palisade, Quicksilver Swords, Suffocating Gravetide, Umbral Spellportal, Malevolent Maelstorm, Purple Sun of Shyish and Emerald Lifeswarm. All models are painted with luminent and very vivid colors, to make them apear magical, mysterious and powerful. Hope we cought the vibe. Stay tuned for more!

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