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AoS – Herdstone

Howdy Wargamers!

In this entry, we would like to share with you a really cool scenery piece from AoS, we’ve been working on some time ago – Herdstone.

Herdstones are stone altars, where the Beastman gather in mass to pay tribute to bestial powers of chaos. Corpses, weapons and trinkets litter the floor, as the growing hordes of Beastman gather around these great stones, preparing to wreak havoc upon civilized world.

Really like the idea behind this model, I believe it was based on gaelic mythology. It is very sinister looking, so we wanted to boost that effect with dark tones. Burning fire and glowing eyes add a lot of action to it, making it even more mysterious and somehow terrifying yet incredibly interesting. I bet it would be a great addition to any Beastman battleground.

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