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AoS – Stormcast Eternals Display

Unveiling the Stormcast Eternals

In the Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the heavens cracked open as the Stormcast Eternals emerged. Their arrival marked by thunderous storms and crackling bolts of lightning. Clad in nigh-impenetrable sigmarite armor, these legendary warriors, reforged by Sigmar himself, wage war against the forces of Chaos with unyielding determination.

Champions of Unity and Vengeance

Unified in purpose, the Stormcasts fight not merely for Order but for vengeance against the Chaos that ravaged their lands. Each retinue moves in lockstep, presenting an impenetrable shield wall while unleashing devastating attacks, their fury barely contained behind stoic masks.

Knight-Draconis - Front
Knight-Draconis - Rear

Sigmar's Divine Reforging

Once mortal men, the Stormcast Eternals were remade upon the Anvil of the Apotheosis, bestowed with superhuman strength and an unquenchable resolve. Sigmar crafted them with justice and the raw power of storms, forging an army to stand against the relentless tides of darkness.


The Age of Sigmar Dawns

From their first strikes against Chaos in the Igneous Delta to the cataclysmic battles that followed, the Stormcasts ushered in the Age of Sigmar. Yet, their journey was marked by trials, including the loss of Ghal Maraz, Sigmar’s rune-enchanted warhammer.


Triumphs Amidst Chaos

The Age of Chaos descended upon the realms, plunging them into darkness. The Chaos forces, wielding untold power, ravaged civilizations and dominated through fear and corruption. Yet, the Stormcasts emerged, embarking on campaigns to rid the realms of evil and reclaim lost territories.

Annihilators with Meteoric Grandhammers

Victories and Challenges

Battles raged across realms, from besieging strongholds to halting daemonic invasions. The Stormcasts forged alliances, faced betrayals, and triumphed in pivotal conflicts like the reclaiming of Ghal Maraz and the awakening of the Celestant-Prime.

Knight-Draconis - Front
Knight-Draconis - Rear

The Eternal Storm Rages On

Even amidst victories, the war continues. Sigmar’s champions press on, confronting foes in unexplored territories, standing against the horrors of Chaos, and forging uneasy alliances in their tireless quest for justice and order.

Vanguard-Raptors With Longstrike Crossbows

The saga of the Stormcast Eternals, their triumphs, losses, and unwavering determination in the face of darkness, shapes the very fabric of the Mortal Realms.

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