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A Song of Ice and Fire - Mix of Expansions

In December we posted a short article about A Song of Ice and Fire – a miniature game produced by Cool Minis Or Not. Based on the Games of Thrones universe it is truly a strategic experience. In this post we prepared some expansions with a few words about them. Check these beautifully painted miniatures and enjoy them. Keep in mind that if you want to paint your own army, you can simply contact us!

Baratheon Heroes 3

House Baratheon boasts multiple contenders for the Iron Throne. Both Stannis and Renly, brothers within the House, are determined to seize the throne, causing a rift within their family as supporters rally behind different siblings.

In the game A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, the Baratheon Heroes #3 expansion provides players aligned with House Baratheon characters devoted to King Stannis. This expansion introduces a new version of Stannis, prepared for battle. Accompanying him are loyal figures like Dale Seaworth, Justin Massey, and even Patchface, all striving to assist Stannis in claiming the Iron Throne.

Baratheon Heroes 4

Renly Baratheon’s Rainbow Guard serves as his personal version of the King’s Guard. Each member was carefully chosen by the king and hails from the finest fighters in the Stormlands and Highgarden. Baratheon Heroes 4 introduces this powerful unit to the game, featuring each individual comprising the esteemed Rainbow Guard.

Crannogman Bog Devils

A soldier’s existence involves constant peril, particularly within the swampy landscape of the Neck. Among the most feared ambush fighters throughout Westeros are the Crannogman Bog Devils, who serve as vassals of the Reed family. Proficient in blending seamlessly into swamp territories, they utilize lightweight armor to avoid being hindered by the environment. Armed with poisoned tridents, they swiftly inflict fatal harm. Even a slight puncture from their weapons induces excruciating wounds and an agonizing demise. Subsequently, the Bog Devils vanish effortlessly amidst the trees and murky waters, leaving behind only the deceased and the anguished cries of those dying.

You can check all available houses and miniatures on the official CMON site.

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